"Designing spaces for healthcare is one of the most complex and challenging architectural design commissions."

Designing spaces for healthcare is one of the most complex and therefore challenging architectural design commissions there is. You are requested to create excellent architecture, coordinating a good patient environment with demands for high-quality work conditions, sufficient space for treatment, care logistics, advanced technical systems design etc.
High quality Healthcare Architecture can reduce time for treatment, decrease medication and help to reduce the stress experienced by patients. ll this opens up new possibilities for architecture to be an important part of the healing process instead of just delivering a functional structure where healing takes place.
The students shall obtain general knowledge about and ability to design large scale, complex and sustainable buildings (healthcare) integrated into the surrounding environment and urban setting

The Healthcare direction puts emphasis on integrating explorative design work with analytical and systematic knowledge acquisition, literature studies, dialogue with clients/users and study visits.

We use a design driven approach for handling and coordinating the complex assignment. Interwoven with the design work runs lectures, study visits and literature reading. Visualized design interpretations related to the design project is important.

A Master Thesis in Healthcare Architecture is typically a "real" project. Proposed topics are linked to a "commission" that is a part of and "on the move" in an actual planning processes. Cooperation with Architectural firms (White, Sweco, Tengbom, Liljewall) offer opportunities for competence network and additional tutoring. The Swedish regions and county councils are co-working with Chalmers in developing relevant topics. You will get opportunities to have a dialogue with healthcare professionals and persons that are experts on planning health care buildings. Possibility to present your final suggestions to a broad range of persons and actors from the county councils, architectural firms etc. Forum vårdbyggnad, CVA temadagar).

Supervisor: Christine Hammarling / architect, adjunct professor
Supervisor: Elke Miedema / architect, PhD student
Examiner: Peter Fröst / architect, artistic professor

Illustration: Christine Hammarling, Tengbom, Psykiatrins Hus, Akademiska sjukhuset Uppsala

Published: Mon 15 Jan 2018. Modified: Tue 13 Feb 2018