Digital Machines

The workshop's digital machines are:
- 3D-PRINTER Makerbot (plastic)
- 3D-PRINTER Projet 660 (gypsum)
- FOAM CUTTER Megaplot
NOTE!  In order to use any of the digital machines you will have to bring your file on a USB memory stick. You can not log on to your Chalmers account through the computers in the workshop.


The laser cutter cuts thin sheets of different materials into 2-dimensional shapes.
It cuts:
  • cardboard and wooden sheets up to 3 mm thick
  • foam board  
  • styrofoam
  • certain plastics such as acrylic, polystyrene and PET. Some other kinds of plastic damage the laser, so only pieces bought in the workshop are permitted
It does not cut metal.
The laser cutter is run from an Autocad file. You must bring your file on a USB in order to run it.
Below is a link to a manual for the laser, and a startfile that we recommend you to use.
Booking of the laser cutter is made in 30 minute sessions and is possible two weeks in advance.
You are limited to one booking a day per project.
In order to book, you have to buy booking tickets which are sold in the workshop in booklets of 5 for 100 SEK.


The CNC router cuts 3-dimensional shapes by milling off material from the top. It has three axes.The file-format is .stl which is imported into a machine specific program. Bring your file on a USB stick.
Below is a link to a manual for the CNC router.
Bookings are made in the workshop.

3D PRINTER Makerbot

Makerbot is a small and simple 3D printer that prints by melting a plastic thread layer upon layer. It runs from a .stl file which is imported into a machine specific program called Makerware. Bring your file on a USB stick.
If you want to calibrate the settings in advance, download Makerware from and save the file on the SD card which is inserted into the machine.
Bookings are made in the workshop.

3D PRINTER Projet660

(gypsum composite)

Projet 660 is a 3D printer that prints by filling a bed with layers of gypsum. For each layer, it also prints the shape with a binder, thus making a composite material which builds up the model. Post-processing of the model can be done for better durability.
The file format for Projet660 is .stl or .vrl. Bring your file on a USB stick. Contact the workshop for more instructions.
Bookings are made in the workshop.


The Megaplot is a digital styrofoam cutter where the cutting thread stretches between two heads that are independant of each other. This means you can cut shapes where the cut is not always parallell. It cuts blocks up to the size of 1200 x 600 x 600 mm.
The machine is placed in a separate room. In order to use it, you book it and borrow the key in the workshop.

Published: Thu 28 Aug 2014. Modified: Thu 07 Jan 2016