Learning and learning environments

Welcome to Learning and learning environments!

We are one of two library departments with 19 employees under the leadership of Christina Johansson. We work with digitization of teaching and blended learning, teaching of information competence at basic and advanced level and the making available of the library's digital and physical learning environments. We work together with our recipients at Chalmers and the Department of Information Resources and Scientific Publishing to create a cutting-edge research library for students, teachers and researchers working at the university.

Our goals

  • Provide support for teachers who wish to implement blended learning elements in their courses.
  • Offer education to students and doctoral students with a focus on information retrieval, evaluation of information at the scientific level, citation practices and copyright.
  • Offer a physical and digital meeting place for studies, knowledge acquisition, and inspiration that is staffed by professional staff who, based on a pedagogical approach, guide and provide its users with service.

You can find all employees here

Below you can see all of us who work in the department. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more! 

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