Language and Communication

Welcome to Language ​​and communication!

We are a division with 14 employees under the leadership of division head Andreas Eriksson. We conduct teaching and research in technical communication and scientific writing, but also on the connection between communication and learning. The division is active in Chalmers' undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs and also provides commissioned training and courses for teachers and researchers.

Our educational mission

We design courses and elements in collaboration with subject representatives and program managers, in order to support discipline-specific writing and learning. We also offer elective courses for students at Chalmers. In all our courses, we strive to educate independent and reflective students and promote lifelong learning.

Under Professional Language and Communication is the Chalmers Writing Center (CWC). At CWC, students can book writing tutoring with trained student tutors. You can find more information on CWC's own website​​ (NOTE! You leave 

Our research

We research topics that concern language and educational science, such as integration between language and learning, genre pedagogy and English as the language of instruction (English Medium Instruction). Professional language employees are involved in several collaborative and research projects, national and international networks and internal projects at Chalmers.

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