Engineering Education Research

Welcome to Engineering Education Research!

Here at EER, researchers, teachers and doctoral students work under the guidance of the division´s head, Malin Kjellberg. We conduct research and education with a focus on teaching and learning, especially in higher technical education. We are responsible for higher education pedagogical training of Chalmers teachers. Our responsibility also includes a number of courses in the master's program Learning and Leadership (subject didactics) and the coordination of Generic and transferable skills aimed at strengthening young researchers.

Our educational mission

Our department shall contribute to pedagogical competence and create conditions for a culture of academic teaching. This means that based on a scientific basis, we support Chalmers teachers so that they in turn can develop their teaching. We also offer educational science expertise in several Chalmers-wide initiatives and represent Chalmers in higher education pedagogical and pedagogical networks.

Our research

EER conducts research on higher education in technology and science. What is in focus for our research is, among other things, problem-based learning, digitalised learning, authentic learning environments and an identity and cultural perspective on engineering education. Some of the research is conducted in collaboration with teachers at Chalmers. We supervise doctoral students in CLS graduate school. We also have supervisory responsibility for the doctoral students from other disciplines who choose to broaden their perspective and combine engineering and educational research, so-called interdisciplinary students. You can find our research projects here.​

Below you can see all of us who work in the department. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about something! 

Page manager Published: Mon 22 Nov 2021.