Doctoral programmes

Graduate school Communication and Learning in STEM

The graduate school Communication and Learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) aims to deepen our understanding of learning processes and interaction in higher education and addresses some of the key challenges of communication within the knowledge and information society represented by engineering and the natural sciences. 

The graduate school offers two specializations with a specific focus on either learning connected to communication and language or learning in an engineering education context. Both specializations are firmly grounded in practice-oriented and applied research. Both specializations offer collaboration with other graduate schools within Chalmers cross-disciplinary doctoral program, enabling graduate students to combine research in engineering with research about learning and/or communication and language.

More information

Chalmers handbook for doctoral studies is designed as an introduction for those who have just started their doctoral studies and describes the procedures involved.

Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild

The PhD council is a forum for matters related to the graduate students at the department. The Group is charged with the task of safeguarding the graduate students' interests and providing graduate students on, for example, the Departmental advisory team and​ the Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild with the opportunity to discuss current issues with other people.


Deputy Head (Research and Graduate Education): Hans Malmström
Director of Studies: Christian Stöhr
Administration: Anna Bolling

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