Chalmers Advanced TEM/STEM School, 19-21 November 2018

​Learn about recent developments in advanced electron microscopy techniques from leading experts.


The School will concentrate on advanced techniques for high-resolution electron microscopy of interest to scientists currently using transmission electron microscopes for materials science studies. Laboratory sessions will highlight state-of-the-art instrumentation. People attending the school should preferably have some basic understanding of conventional electron microscope operation. 


The school will start at 13.00 on 19 November and end at 13.00 on 21 November.​​
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The School will feature lectures on imaging, microanalysis, high-resolution imaging theory and practice, and approaches to aberration-corrected electron microscopy. Special lectures will cover the topics of: 1) Cutting-edge applications; 2) Resolution Limits; 3) Approaches to Quantification; 4) Electron Holography; and 5) In situ TEM.

Laboratory sessions

The School will include laboratory sessions on: 1) Quantitative atomic-resolution STEM imaging; 2) EELS and monochromators; and 3) In situ TEM biasing and nano-manipulation.
The laboratory tour will feature the monochromated and double-corrected JEOL-ARM200F NEOARM, the monochromated and probe-corrected Titan 80-300, and the Tecnai G2 TEM.


Registration fee 1000 SEK including VAT.
The fee will cover refreshments, lunches, and dinners.

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 Torben Nilsson Pingel, torben.nilsson.pingel@chalmers.se
Welcome to Chalmers Advanced TEM/STEM School 2018!

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