a nano focus on quantum materials

A nano focus on quantum materials

Welcome to the Initiative seminar A nano focus on quantum materials, which will take place in RunAn, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden on 28-29 November, 2022. 
This cross-disciplinary meeting will gather prominent scientists in the field. In addition to researchers and university students, about 200 high school students will attend the seminar.

Quantum materials have unusual thermal, magnetic, and electrical properties. The ability to understand and engineer these materials and control their properties could virtually revolutionize every aspect of society and economy. It will enable new sustainable quantum technologies ranging from quantum information processing, quantum sensors to novel approaches for resolving healthcare needs.​​

The Initiative seminar is co-organized by the Excellence Initiative Nano and Molecular Frontiers​

Moderator: Emma Frans, researcher at Karolinska Institutet.
Emma Frans has a PhD in epidemiology and is a researcher at Karolinska Institutet. As a science communicator, she has received the Swedish grand prize for journalism and Public educator of the year, and she is often heard and seen on TV and radio - not least during the Covid19 pandemic. Emma writes columns for one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet, and she has published four books.

The event is open to everybody, but registration is mandatory since the number of slots is limited.
Please register before 10 November.




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