About the workshop

The workshop is organized jointly by Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics, Italy, with support of Oxford Instruments..

The workshop will be focusing on recent developments in cryogenic sensors, high-frequency superconducting electronics, nanooptics and other frontiers of science.
Specific topics of the workshop:
  1. Ultrasensitive detectors for mm/IR waves
  2. Single Photon Counter for Searching Axions
  3. Multichroic systems for Cosmology
  4. Thermo-Electric Bolometers
  5. Electron cooling by SIN tunnel junctions; Cryogenics
  6. Readout systems; multiplexing;
  7. Radioastronomy in mm/submm/IR regions
  8. Nanooptics

Page manager Published: Thu 21 Dec 2017.