Abstract submission is closed!

Information about Full Paper Submission here

Abstract submission

Authors are invited to submit an abstract (maximum 500 words, plus references) by November 9, 2018. Submission will open in September and shall be done via our conference management tool. More information on this will be announced later.
Please structure the extended abstract according to the following segments:

  • Type of paper (Regular/Work-In-Progress)
  • Purpose
  • Design/methodology/approach
  • Findings
  • Practical implications
  • Originality/value

Please make sure that no author information appears in your submitted abstract, as all abstracts will undergo double blind review. In case you submit an abstract that contains any information that identify you or a co-author, the abstract will be removed from the system and you will be invited to resubmit.


Submission steps:

Click on the submission link here 


Create an EasyChair account if you don’t have one. You may use the instructions below:


  1. Click on “create an account” on the opening page.
  2. Click required areas to pass the security check.
  3. Fill out the required personal information.
  4. You will get a link to your e-mail address, click on the link.
  5. Make sure you agree with terms of service.
  6. Fill out the required information at the last step and create your username and password.
  7. Click on “create my account”.


To submit your abstract:


1.     Click on the submission link and "enter as an author”.

2.     Complete correspondence information and required details for all authors

(fields marked with a * are compulsory)

3.     Specify the corresponding author by checking the box under each author details

4.     Type the title of your abstract

5.     Insert keywords (one per line, a minimum of 3 keywords are required)

6.     Choose the type of your submission (regular paper / work-in-progress*)

7.     Upload the PDF version of your abstract by clicking on “Choose file “

8.     Click on submit

9.     You will see the details of your submission on the screen and receive an automated mail from the conference system about the receipt of submission


*Work-in-progress papers have the same structure for the abstract. However, they will have a different paper and presentation structure (no or only a few results, unfinished conclusion etc.) So please state the type of your submission at the beginning for being assigned to related sessions.


Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by November 30, 2018. Feedback to the author(s) will be included. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare and submit a final paper (10 pages maximum length including references) by January 25, 2019. At least one author must be registered by the same date for the paper to be included in the program.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract and to welcoming you in Gothenburg!



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