​The 6th Development Conference for Swedish Engineering Education

Sustainable Engineering Education - Quality in the long run

Chalmers University of Technology, November 22-23, 2017

Development Conference for Swedish Engineering Education is a national conference for higher engineering education.

The aim of the conference is to improve engineering education by:

  • experiences of engineering education development
  • creating an arena for recognising educational advances and, over time, archiving the development of Swedish engineerin
  • jointly analysing the present conditions and developing new opportunities

The objectives is to provide delegates with an opportunity to:

  • find inspiration useful for their own practice
  • extend their network

We welcome

  • Anyone interested in higher engineering education
  • Faculty and staff in engineering education
  • Program leaders, administrators, study councillors, student representatives, stakeholder representatives, etc.
  • Educational leaders and developers in engineering education

The conference is open to those who have just started their development in academic teaching, as well as those experienced in practice-based research and development.   


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Responsible authority and previous conferences

Two nation-wide groups, “RET/TUF-gruppen för civilingenjörsutbildning” (for Master of Science in Engineering) and “Samverkansgruppen för högskoleingenjörsutbildningar” (for Bachelor of Science in Engineering) are responsible authorities for the conference.
Previous conferences were held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology 2008, Lunds University, Faculty of Engineering 2009, Linköping University 2011, Umeå University 2013 and Uppsala University 2015. The 2019 conference will be held at Luleå University of Technology.


The conference is arranged by Chalmers University of Technology. Planning is performed by a national program committee and a local organisation committee.

Contact: Marie.Arehag@chalmers.se

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