Astronomdagarna 2022

Astronomdagarna is a conference for Swedish astronomers taking place every two years since 1999.
Although there was an Astronomdagarna meeting in 2021, another one will take place in 2022
between October 6 to 8 at Chalmers University of Technology in the Kårhuset building. The
motivation for this is that now we can meet in person, while the event was held virtually in 2021.
Hence, we hope to see many of you in Göteborg! Conference talks and poster presentations will be
given in person.

Astronomdagarna is a communication platform within the Swedish astronomical community. It is
not a conference on a specific theme, but it covers all themes in Swedish astronomy. There is a
special focus in providing young researchers with a platform to present their research results.

Abstract submission for oral presentations will be open between May 27 and August 12.

Registration will be open between May 27 and October 3.

For registration and abstract submission please use the following link:

Invited Speakers

Anish Amarsi (Uppsala) - The solar chemical composition
Giuliana Cosentino (Chalmers) - Stellar feedback from galactic bubbles and their impact on
molecular clouds
Terese Hansen (SU) - Stellar archaeology: using abundances of old metal-poor stars to investigate
nucleosynthesis processes and sites in the early universe
Jens Hoeijmakers (LU) - High-resolution spectroscopy of ultra-hot gas giant exoplanets
Alexandra Le Reste (SU) - Imaging neutral gas in high-redshift analog galaxies
Paul McMillan (LU) - Gaia and the disturbed Milky Way
Hayley Williamson (IRF) - Solar wind interactions with a changing comet ionosphere

Scientific Organising Committee​​

Theo Khouri, Chalmers (chair)
Angela Adamo, SU
Thomas Bensby, LU
Sara Bladh, UU
Henrik Jönsson, MaU
Tanja Nymark, SAS
Evan O’Connor, SU
Gabriella Stenberg, IRF

Local Organising Comm​ittee​

Theo Khouri, Chalmers (chair)
Holly Andrews, Chalmers
Franz Kirsten, ASTRON/Chalmers
Judith Korth, Chalmers
Maria Carmen Toribio Perez, Chalmers
Kyoko Onishi, Chalmers
Ruben Fedriani, Chalmers
Thiébaut Schirmer, Chalmers​

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