Thursday 14/3
13:00-13:10 Welcome

13:10-13:30 Activities in space research at Chlamers, Elvire de Beck
13:30-14:20 Session 1: astrobiology (Anna Neubeck)
- Jon Aeolus, U. of Arizona
- Emma Hammarlund, Lund U.

14:20-15:10 Session 2: astronomy (David Hobbs)
- Jonathan Tan, Chalmers: The Exoplanet Revolution
- Felix Ryde, KTH, The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope  moves into the multi-messenger era
15:10-15:20 1-minute poster presentation

15:20-16:20 coffee + poster session

16:20-17:10 Session 3: earth observations (Lars Ulander)
- Madelene Ostwald, Linköping U./Chalmers - "Assessing crop production and trees in Burkina Faso with high resolution remote sensing"
- Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala U. "Using Satellite Data to estimate partial pressure of CO2 in the Baltic Sea"

17:10-17:20 SRS business
17:20-(Poster session)

19:00- Participants are invited to dinner on Thursday by SNSA (rymdstyrelsen), at the restaurant Wijkanders, on Chalmers campus
Friday 15/3
09:00-09:50 Session 4: space plasma (Anita Kullen)
Svetlana Ratynskaia, KTH : Complex plasmas under microgravity conditions
Andris Vaivads, IRF Uppsala : Space plasma laboratory MMS: 4 years in space

09:50-10:40 Session 5: micro-gravity / life science (Lars Karlsson)
- Anders Eklund, Umeå U. : Space flight Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome (SANS)
- Lisa Westerberg, Karolinska Inst. : Understanding immune cells in microgravity

10:40-11:40 Coffee + poster session

11:40-12:30 Session 6: solar system (Gabriella Steinberg-Weisser)
- Xiao-Dong Wang, IRF-K : First data from the ASAN instrument on the moon surface
- Herbert Gunell, Umeå - Boundaries at comets: results from research at Umeå University and elsewhere   

12:30-13:30 Lunch break

13:30-14:20 Session 7: atmospheric physics (Linda Megner)
- Johan Kero, IRF
 - Heiner Körnich, SMHI : Observing winds from space with Aeolus
14:20-16:00 SNSA

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