Monday June 9

Registration open from                                                12.00

​Session 1                                                                          ​13.30-18.00

Takeshi Oka         Development of the Physics of Spin Isomers

Jean-Hugues Fillion Gas-ice interaction: experimental investigations on nuclear spin-states equilibration

Naoki Watanabe Nuclear spin temperatures of hydrogen and water molecules formed and trapped on ice

Stefan Andersson Photodesorption of water from interstellar ices

Dieter Gerlich Experimental search for nuclear spin restrictions in low temperature ion traps

Social hour                                                                        18.00-19.00

Tuesday June 10

Session 2                                                                           9.00-13.00

Henrik Cederquist First results from the DESIREE facility at Stockholm University

Dag Hanstorp Laboratory studies of negative ions

Evelyne Roueff Ortho / para effects in chemical models

François Lique Ortho-para-H2 conversion processes in astrophysical media

Laurent Pagani H2, H3+ and the age of molecular clouds and prestellar cores

Pierre Hily-Blant         The O/P of H2 and the chemistry of nitrogen in dense clouds


Session 3                                                                          14.30-18.00

Michael Mumma Nuclear Spin Species in Cometary Volatiles – a Puzzle for our Times

Geronimo Villanueva Do spin temperatures differ between molecules in comets? The case for H2O, CH4, NH3, C2H6   and CH3OH

Hideyo Kawakita Spin distribution in cometary photodissociation products (NH2) and ionization products (H2O+)

Boncho Bonev Spatially-Resolved Measurements: Spin vs. Rotational Temperature

Kenji Furuya                 Water deuteration in protoplanetary disks: effect of turbulent mixing​

Conference dinner                                                             19.30-?

Wednesday June 11

Session 4                                                                         9.00-12.30

Nick Indriolo         Understanding the ortho-to-para ratio of H3+ in diffuse molecular clouds

Maryvonne Gerin Determination of nuclear spin ratios in diffuse gas: current observations and future prospects

Darek Lis         Herschel measurements of the orto/para ratio in interstellar water

Eduardo González-Alfonso Ortho-to-para ratios in local galaxies with high far-infrared radiation densities

Magnus Persson         Water in protoplanetary disks


Bus leaves for Onsala Space Observatory visit              14.00

Bus leaves from OSO                                                     17.00





This workshop is organized by the research group Radio astronomy and astrophysics, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Chalmers, in cooperation with Onsala Space Observatory.


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