Scientific Advisory Committee

​The International Nuclear Chemistry Congress 2017 is organized on the initiative of the International Nuclear Chemistry Society (INCS).

Current President of the INCC: Professor Flavia Groppi (Italy).
Founder and former president of the INCC: Professor Turan Ünak (Turkey).

The regional representatives of the INCS are:
  • Europe: Dag Øistein Eriksen (Norway)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS): Stanislav Ermolaev and Elena Lapshina (Russia)
  • Asia-Pacific: Yuichi Hatsukawa (Japan)
  • Asia Continental: Natesan Ramamoorty (India)
  • North America: Rolf Zeisler (USA)
  • South America: Ana Maria Graciano Figueiredo (Brazil)
  • Africa: Habib Latrous (Tunisia)
  • Middle East: Mehmet Kildir (Turkey)  
The Presidential Board Members of the INCS are:
  • Manuel Navarrete (Mexico)
  • Marina Vasconcellos (Brazil)
  • Xiaolin Hou (Denmark)
  • Borut SmodiŠ (Slovenia)
  • Suresh Aggarwal (India)
  • John W. Bennett (Australia)

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