About the workshop

High-Frequency Superconducting Electronics​

Björkliden, Kiruna, Sweden, April 10-17, 2016

The workshop is organized jointly by Chalmers University of Technology and Stockholm University, Sweden.
The workshop will be focusing on recent developments in high-frequency superconducting electronics, including ultra-sensitive detectors of infrared and THz radiation, tunable THz emitters, novel devices utilizing Andreev reflections and non-equilibrium phenomena, and on emerging applications of such devices in cosmology, THz-imaging, spectroscopy, etc.
Specific topics of the workshop:
  1. Ultrasensitive detectors for submillimeter and IR and waves
  2. Tunable superconducting sources of coherent THz radiation
  3. Multichroic systems for Cosmology
  4. Thermo-Electric Effects in Superconductors and Thermo-Electric Bolometers
  5. Electron cooling by SIN tunnel junctions; Cryogenics Readouts systems; multiplexing;
  6. Quasioptics and HF coupling with bolometers; HF Filtering; coupling with bolometers
  7. Distributed Focal Plane Arrays of Bolometers
  8. Distributed Radioastronomy in mm/submm/IR regions
  9. Distributed THz spectroscopy of superconductors
  10. Distributed T-rays and THz imaging;
  11. Distributed Non-equilibrium phenomena in Josephson junctions

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