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Monday 1 June
Session 1: AGN feeding and feedback
09h20: Introduction talk
09h40: Matt Lehnert - Regulating star formation and gas content with AGN and star formation
10h20: T. Izumi - Dense molecular gas observations in AGNs with ALMA: Feeding and Feedback
10h40: Coffee break
11h00: K. Sakamoto - Feeding and Feedback in U/LIRGs: ALMA case studies
11h40: E. Freeland - An AGN-blown Nuclear Bubble Triggers Star Formation in a Nearby Face-on Analogue to Our Own Milky Way
12h00: Lunch Break

Session 2: AGN-star formation connection
14h00: S. Aalto - AGN feedback and molecules (last minute change)
14h40: F. Costagliola - Compact obscured nuclei in the ALMA era
15h00: B. Villarroel - Unification of AGN through the eyes of Supernova
15h20: Coffee break
15h40: A.M. Mickaelian - Star-formation rates for IR selected Byurakan-IRAS Galaxies
16h00: N. Falstad - Herschel spectroscopic observations of Zw 049.057 and Arp 299
16h20: J. Fogasy - Where is the star formation of SMM J04135?
16h40: Discussion (40min)

17h30: Fortress visit
Tuesday 2 June
Session 3: ISM properties in resolved star forming systems
09h00: J. Turner - Everyone Knows it’s Windy: Or not? Enrichment & Feedback in Massive Clusters
09h40: G. Fuller - The Hot, Dense Gas in W49: A possible analogue of extragalactic starbursts
10h20: R. Tunnar - Multiphase Modelling - a Bayesian Approach
10h40: Coffee break
11h00: J. Gallagher - Intense Modes of Star Formation: Origins and Impact on Galaxy Evolution
11h40: T. Yoast-Hull - Cosmic Rays Interactions in Extreme Molecular Media
12h00: Lunch break

Session 4: ISM properties at galaxy scale
13h20: J. Fisher - Over the Peak: Probing the Radiation, Particle, and Column Densities in IR-Bright Galaxies with Far-IR Spectroscopy
14h00: T. Greve - Star formation relations across the CO ladder and redshift
14h20: E. Bellocchi - Molecular emission line analysis in local star-forming galaxies using far-IR Herschel/HIFI and sub-mm APEX data
14h40: Coffee break
15h00: N. Scoville - ISM Masses and SF at z = 1 to 6
15h40: P. van der Werf - CO ladders and neutral gas cooling in (U)LIRGs
16h00: L. Lindroos - Measuring sizes of distant faint galaxies
16h20: Discussion (40min)

17h30: Boat tour
Wednesday 3 June
Session 5: Star formation in low-metallicity environment
09h00: L. Hunt - The interstellar medium in metal-poor blue dwarf galaxies
09h40: D.J. Williamson - Dwarf outflows in groups and the mass-metallicity relation
10h00: S. Konig - Gas and star formation in minor mergers - Molecular gas feeding the central starbursts in NGC 1614 and the Medusa merger
10h20: R.H. Golshan - Star Formation History and Stellar Wind Feedback in Two Low Metallicity Dwarf Galaxies: NGC 147 and NGC 185
10h40: Coffee break
11h00: Y.S. Dai - What does the infrared grism spectroscopy survey tell us about star formation at 0.5 < z < 2.5?
11h20: C. Ly - "Direct" Gas-Phase Metallicities and its Dependence on Star Formation for Metal-poor, Strongly Star-forming Galaxies
11h40: H. Martel - The Connection between Star Formation and Metallicity Evolution in Barred Spiral Galaxies
12h00: Discussion (40min)
12h40: Lunch break

13h30: Departure to Onsala
17h30: Departure from Onsala
Thursday 4 June
Session 6: Star formation in interacting galaxies
09h00: D. Sanders - A New View of the Galaxy "Main Sequence"
09h40: J. Moreno - Mapping Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies (J. Scudder)
10h00: K. Larson - Morphology and Molecular Gas Fractions of Luminous Infrared Galaxies as a Function of Infrared Luminosity and Merger Stage
10h20: Coffee break
10h40: J. Scudder - Does gas content control the strength of interaction-triggered star formation?
11h00: J. Kotilainen - Dissecting the Bird: a spectacular off-nuclear LIRG starburst with gas outflows
11h20: G. Drouart - Star formation at low and high IR luminosity in high-z interacting galaxies
11h40: Lunch break

Session 7: Star formation in secularly evolving galaxies
13h40: T. Davis - Star formation relations in secularly evolving galaxies, and when they break down
14h20: T. Nakajima Line Survey with NRO 45-m Telescope and High-Resolution Imaging Observations with ALMA toward Galactic Nuclei (short version)
14h40: A. Adamo - The lifecycle of young star clusters; the role of the galactic environment on cluster formation and evolution
15h00: Coffee break
15h30: T. Kodama - Super multicolor wide-field NIR imaging survey with Subaru and TAO
15h50: B. Rocca-Volmerange - Elliptical Galaxy Evolution and supermassive black holes with Pegase.3
16h30: Discussion (40min)

19h00: Conference Dinner
Friday 5 June
09h00: K. Knudsen - Lensed high-z starburst galaxies, probing gas at sub-kpc scale
09h40: A. Romeo - A simple and accurate approximation for the Q stability parameter and characteristic instability wavelength in multi-component and realistically thick discs
10h10: Coffee break
10h40: D. Watson - A Dusty Normal Galaxy at z=7.5
11h00: Discussion (40min)
11h40: J. Gallagher: Summary - end of the conference
12h00: Lunch break

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