From Stars to Planets II

Star formation, planet formation, astrochemistry and exoplanet studies are undergoing rapid, revolutionary advances and this conference aims to bring together researchers in these fields, especially to explore and develop new connections. The scientific scope of the meeting will include:

  • Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the Milky Way
  • Star Cluster Formation and Evolution
  • Pre-stellar and Protostellar Cores
  • Protostellar and Protoplanetary Disks
  • Planet Formation
  • Astrochemistry of Star and Planet Forming Regions and Exoplanets 
  • Exoplanet Properties and Evolution
  • Formation and Evolution of the Solar System

Meeting schedule and overall logistics (see program info, below, for full details): 

Sunday 16th June 2019, 5pm-8pm Welcome reception & registration (Vasaparken - see your email for instructions)

Monday 17th - Thur. 20th June 2019, 3.5 days of science sessions, 0.5 day excursion

Friday 21st June 2019, Midsummer celebration (optional post-conference activity)


Invited S​peakers, including: 

- Viviana Guzman, Andrew Howard, Anders Johansen, Christoph Mordasini, Gijs Mulders, Richard Nelson, David Nesvorny, Stella Offner, Nami Sakai, Leonardo Testi, Ewine van Dishoeck, Catherine Walsh, Yao-Lun Yang, Zhaohuan Zhu


Jonathan Tan (Chair, Chalmers/UVa), Ilse Cleeves (UVa), Maria Drozdovskaya (Bern), Eric Herbst (UVa), Jouni Kainulainen (Chalmers), Zhi-Yun Li (UVa), Yamila Miguel (Leiden), Darin Ragozinne (BYU), John Tobin (NRAO), Jonathan Williams (UH), Andrew Youdin (UA)


Jonathan Tan, Antea Cooper, Juan Farias, Madeline Gyllenhoff, Chia-Jung Hsu, Dylan Jones, Boy Lankhaar, Andri Spilker, Liam Walters




See linked file at http://cosmicorigins.space/fstpii

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