Bayesian Inference in Subatomic Physics - A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium

17-20 September 2019​

Pioneering applications of lattice quantum chromodynamics, ab initio nuclear theory, and density functional theory have opened for precision calculations of exotic states of matter that could only be dreamed of 10 years ago. This rapid advance, in conjunction with ground-breaking precision measurements, has led to an increased demand for statistical analysis of theoretical predictions in the nuclear sub-fields. 

This four-days symposium will facilitate cross-communication and potential collaboration on statistical applications among researchers from mathematics, statistics, and nuclear/particle physics. It will also try to fill a knowledge gap and provide a unique opportunity for physicists who are unfamiliar with Bayesian methods to start applying them to new problems. 

To make room for plenty of discussion and generous time for presenters, we foresee this workshop to be a rather small event in terms of number of participants and number of talks. We are aiming at approx. 40 participants consisting of a healthy mix of statisticians, mathematicians, and nuclear/particle physics practitioners. 

We have received financial support from the Swedish Research Council, the Marcus Wallenberg foundation, and the Division of subatomic and plasma physics at Chalmers. Therefore, we will not charge any registration fee, and all lunches, coffee breaks, and the workshop dinner will be covered for all participants. 

This symposium is by invitation only, Participation must by approved by the organisers. 

Published: Fri 29 Mar 2019. Modified: Fri 26 Apr 2019