Programme 19 September

Chair: Christian Forssén

09.00-09.50  Frederi Viens, "Quantified predictions of nuclear observables via Bayesian machine learning"
09.50-​10.30  Amy Lovell, "Uncertainty Propagation with Mixture Density Networks"
10.30-11.10  Coffee
11.10-11.50  Sota Yoshida, "Inverse modeling problem in nuclear structure physics"
11.50-12.30  Jordan Melendez, "Exploiting Correlations in Few- & Many-Body Systems"​
12.30-13.50  Lunch

Chair: Daniel Phillips

13.50-14.40  Stefan Wild, "Optimization under uncertainty for nuclear physics​"
14.40-15.20  Yuriy Volkotrub, "Uncertainty quantification and correlations among three-nucleon scattering observables"

15.20-16.00  Coffee
16.00-16.40  David Ireland, "Lambda Weak Decay Constant - how to assess different results"
16.40-17.20  Eduardo Coello Perez, "Toy model for germanium 76 neutrinoless double-beta decay"
17.20-18.00  Discussion session
19.00  Workshop Dinner​

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