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Founder of IIoomina

In the spring of 2021, Victor Torres Company, Professor in Photonics, at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience started the company Iloomina together with two PhD students from Chalmers.

“We offer design and prototype services based on silicon photonics. We call ourselves an IT design house, so we try to adapt our services to the customer’s needs. These could be used in the telecom, aerospace, or quantum. The way we have been operating by engaging early with the industry, adapting to the customer needs and providing a design or a prototype that can be later mass manufactured.”, Victor explains.

How and why did you decide to start Iloomina?

“At my research group, we have been producing silicon nitride nanophotonics and chip-scale frequency comb sources. We knew that we had developed something unique because our devices really offer outstanding performance in terms of optical losses and efficiencies. We knew that these characteristics could be instrumental in many different applications, and we started this company to meet the needs of the industry.”

What is your goal with the company?

“We want to create high-quality jobs for qualified personnel. With a start-up, there is an opportunity for highly qualified people to develop their professional careers. This of course must be backed up with a solid business plan and opportunity, which I believe is our case as, I would say that all industrial players that have some products in optics, either are developing or thinking of integrating integrated photonics.”

“Chalmers has been supportive in that it sees the commercialization of the research results as a positive outcome. The infrastructure and environment have been a big help too.” Victor concludes.