Stage 4

Centre research profile for Stage 4 (year 9-10)
During Stage 2, research was organized in five cross-disciplinary projects that evolved in an overlapping way in the end of Stage 2. Therefore, in Stage 3, research in the centre was organized in three broader cross-disciplinary themes. Under each theme a number of topics and research questions were formulated in collaboration with the industrial partners. The change from five narrow projects to three broader themes (see picture below) was a way to open up for wider collaboration, enhance for marketing of the centre and its results and thereby also for implementation of results in new companies and business areas. The theme leaders are all younger researchers with pronounced industrial experience.

The research themes have turned out to be most functional. They provide good arenas for collaboration, both internally between the research groups as well as externally with industry and between industrial partners. They serve as incubators for new ideas. From a marketing point of view, visualizing the focus of the centre, they are on a good abstraction level. Therefore, the themes will be kept also for Stage 4.

The research in the themes is conducted based on the idea of formulating and answering a number of research questions. In the same way as earlier, when reaching the end of a period, some research questions may have been answered, some may still be valid and some turned out to be wrongly formulated. Refinement and updates of the research focus and potential research questions for Stage 4 are presented in each theme:

Page manager Published: Wed 24 Jun 2020.