Geometry & Motion Planning

Core competences

The core competences within this research group are automatic path planning of robots and rigid bodies, sequence optimization, discrete geometry and physics, computer graphics and software implementation.

The research team has over the years produced a number of results, related to geometry and motion planning, that have been transferred into commercial software products, today used in daily operation by engineers in Sweden, Germany, US and Japan.

Research group leader:
Dr. Johan Carlson, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC). 

The group includes 20 researchers at FCC.

Industrial and scientific challenges

  1. Verifying that a product can be assembled and later on disassembled for service purposes. This is an important activity of geometry simulation in the manufacturing industry, and research methods and software for automatic generation of collision free assembly sequences and paths, considering motion complexity and geometrical tolerances, are therefore of interest.
  2. Guaranteeing geometrical quality and factory throughput during assembly and joining using robotized manufacturing. To solve this problem, research integrating variation simulation of joining, line balancing, sequencing and coordination of operations with automatic path planning is conducted within Wingquist Laboratory.
  3. Modelling of collisions in digital models, and new automatic path planning algorithms generating motions of least collisions. This gives new possibilities for giving geometrical feedback in early phases to product development.

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