Research Groups

Our research groups make the foundation of the research in the centre. It is from the research groups we collect the expertise we then link together to tackle the challenges described in our research themes​.  

Each research group has its own culture and strategy matched to the cutting edge of contemporary science in that area. Within the centre all research themes and projects are collaborations between at least two research groups.

Below we provide overview descriptions of the research groups, as well as links to the respective own web-pages which provide detailed descriptions of the research, the personnel and contact details.

Systems Engineering Design

The core competence within this group is design theory and methodology, product modelling and product data management within the Platform Based Development, Value Driven Design, Systems Engineering, Multidisciplinary Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management.

Geometry Assurance & Robust Design

The core competence within this group is within assembly modelling and analysis, robust locating system design, variation simulation, visualization, tolerance optimization, inspection preparation and use of inspection data for product and process control.

Geometry & Motion Planning

The core competences within this research group are automatic path planning of robots and rigid bodies, sequence optimization, discrete geometry and physics, computer graphics and software implementation.


The core competences within this research group are formal methods from computer science, control theory, discrete event modelling, verification and optimization, applied to flexible production systems.

Page manager Published: Wed 02 Dec 2020.