Core competences

The core competences within this research group are formal methods from computer science, control theory, discrete event modelling, verification and optimization, applied to flexible production systems.

The research group is internationally well recognized. General Motors R&D, Warren, USA recently identified the group as one of their long-term strategic research partners globally within automation.

Research group leader:
Professor Bengt Lennartson, Department of Signal and Systems, Chalmers. 

The group includes at present 4 professors, 1 additional senior researcher and 11 PhD students.

Industrial and scientific challenges

  1. Information integration: Huge amount of information is stored in today’s manufacturing design process. The challenge is to make necessary information for simulation and control design available in a simple and efficient manner.
  2. Complexity issues: New tools developed within this research area involve inherently complex computations. Both efficient algorithms and data structures, which exploit the modular structure of the problem, are considered to be able to solve real industrial problems.​
  3. Simple user interaction: To obtain industrial acceptance it is crucial to obtain simple methods and working procedures. User-friendly software interfaces and interaction are necessary, where the user can map the software and the physical behaviour onto each other.

Published: Wed 13 Jul 2016.