Commercial Software Packages

In the centre, two commercial software packages are being used and developed. These software packages are also used by some of the industrial partners and serve as a very efficient way for fast implementation of research results. 

RD&T (from the spin-off company RD&T Technology AB) is a tool for statistical variation simulation that allows manufacturing and assembly variations to be simulated and visualized long before any physical prototypes are being made. RD&T supports the geometry assurance process in all its phases and is mainly developed by the Geometry Assurance & Robust Design research group.

IPS (from the spin-off company IPS Sweden AB) is a math based tool for automatic verification of assembly feasibility, design of flexible components, motion planning and optimization of multi-robot stations and simulation of key surface treatment processes. IPS is mainly developed by the Geometry & Motion Planning research group.

The software packages RD&T and IPS are used by Volvo Car GroupVolvo Group Trucks TechnologyGKN Aerospace Engine Systems and Scania CV.

Software Tools under Development

Another two software tools are under development and in progress of being commercialized.

CCM (from the spin-off company COPE Sweden AB) is a tool to model product and production platform systems using configurable components (autonomous object oriented engineering system models). CCM utilizes PDM, CAD and CAE-systems to compose, exemplify and configure product variants derived from the product and production platforms. CCM is mainly developed by the Systems Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management research group. The software will be for sale during autumn 2016.

Sequence Planner is a graph based tool for specification, optimization and visualization of operation sequences. It follows the preparation chain from early product and production planning to final control of the physical system and fills the information gap between conventional simulation tools and logical specification. Sequence Planner is mainly developed by the Automation research group. It is a open source software.


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