Since the start of Wingquist Laboratory, the centre has produced over 700 peer reviewed publications, whereof around 90 of them are journal publications, 250 are conference publications and 50 are PhD theses. In addition the centre has produced a large number of industrial evaluations, where 35 have reached industrial implementation. 

Here are a few examples of the publications (citations are presented for publications before 2013 with numbers from Google Scholar).​

  1. Bohlin, R., Kavraki E. L., 2000,
    Path planning using lazy PRM”,
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Au
    tomation, 1, pp. 521-528. Number of citations: 612.

  2. De Carlo, R., Branicky, M., Pettersson, S., Lennartson, B., 2000,
    Perspectives and Results on the Stability and Stabilizability of Hybrid Systems”,
    Proceedings of the IEEE, pp. 1069-1082. Number of citations: 1587.

  3. Hermansson, T., Bohlin, R., Carlson, J.S., Söderberg, R., 2013,
    Automatic assembly path planning for wiring harness installations”,
    Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 32(3).

  4. Hoffenson, S., Dagman, A. & Söderberg, R., 2014,
    Tolerance optimisation considering economic and environmental sustainability”,
    Journal of Engineering Design, 10-12, pp. 367-390. Best paper award, Journal of Engineering Design 2014.

  5. Isaksson, O., Larsson, T. C., Rönnbäck, A. Ö, 2009,
    Development of product-service systems: challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing firm”,
    Journal of Engineering Design, 20 (4), pp. 329-348. Number of citations: 135.

  6. Lennartson, B., Bengtsson, K., Yuan, C., Andersson, K., Fabian, M., Falkman, P., Åkesson, K., 2010,
    Sequence Planning for Integrated Product, Process and Automation Design”,
    IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and En
    gineering, 7(4), pp. 791-802. Number of citations: 55.

  7. Levandowski, C., Michaelis, M.T., Johannesson, H., 2014,
    Set-Based Development Using an Integrated Product and Manufacturing System Platform”,
    Concurrent Engineering - Research and Applications, 22(3), pp. 234-252.

  8. Spensieri, D., Carlson, J.S., Ekstedt, F., Bohlin, R., 2016,
    An Iterative Approach for Collision Free Routing and Scheduling in Multirobot Stations”,
    IEEE Transactions on Automa
    tion Science and Engineering, 13(2), pp. 950-962.

  9. Söderberg, R., Wickman, C., Lindkvist, L., 2008,
    Improving Decision Making by Simulating and Visualizing Geometrical Variation in Non-rigid Assemblies”, CIRP Annals-Manufacturing Technology, 57(1), pp. 175-178. Number of citations: 45.

  10. Söderberg, R, Lindkvist, L., 1999,
    Computer Aided Assembly Robustness Evaluation. Journal of Engineering Design”,
    10(2) pp. 165-181. Number of citations: 92. 

  11. Vergnano, A., Thorstensson, C., Lennartson, B., Falkman, P., Pellicciar, M., Leali, F., Biller, S., 2012,
    Modeling and optimization of energy consumption in cooperative multi-robot systems”,
    IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 9(2), pp. 423-428. Number of citations: 44.

​All publications can be found in Chalmers Publication Library​. Click on your area of interest below for a list based on respective research group or research theme leader.​​

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