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​The authors of the most-read article in the Journal of Engineering Design – from left: Professor Rikard Söderberg, Dr. Casper Wickman, and Dr. Kostas Stylidis​. Photo: Kate Larsson

Most-read article in record time

An article produced by researchers related to Wingquist Laboratory is the most-read article ever, and in the record time of 14 months. The subject of interest: Perceived Quality.
Screenshot of the journal

The research paper "Perceived Quality of Products: a Framework and Attributes Ranking Method has drawn a lot of attention. It recently became the the most-read article in the Journal of Engineering Design since they started measurements in 2011. 

Authors are Professor Rikard Söderberg, and Dr. Kostas Stylidis, from the Department of Industrial and Materials Science, Chalmers University of Technology, together with Dr. Casper Wickman​, Volvo Cars. 

The rapid growth of interest in the Perceived Quality research indicates that the industry and academia recognized and accepted the proposed paradigm shift, making the vision of Geometry Assurance and Robust Design research group a new standard in this area.

The Journal of Engineering Design is a leading international publication that provides an essential forum for dialogue on important issues across all disciplines and aspects of the design of engineered products and systems.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Nov 2020.