Annual Seminar 2020


In 2020 will we celebrate 20 years of excellent research in Digital Product Realization. Instead of the annual seminar, the 2020s version of Wingquist Laboratory Annual Seminar is a digital event, with a big release of films and interviews on Youtube.

Co-creation – one of the key success factors

Darja Isaksson, Director General, Vinnova / Sweden's Innovation Agency in a talk with Rikard Söderberg, Director, Wingquist Laboratory (see film above).

Darja Isaksson says about our centre: "It's a great example of how research and innovation continuously feed each other, which is one of the main reasons why co-creation is so essential. It is clear that it has been one of the key success factors of the Wingquist Laboratory​". 

Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO, Chalmers University of Technology

Professor Rikard Söderberg, Director, Wingquist Laboratory, explains the methods and tools for research implementation. He gives a brief introduction to the research and presents the results from 20 years hard work.

Joint development for effective business

Anna DavidssonManufacturing Research and Advance Engineering, Volvo Cars​

20 years of successful cooperation

Timo KeroGlobal Cab Platform Manager and Johan VallhagenSenior Research & Technology Development Engineer, Volvo Group about the many years work with Wingquist LaboratorY.

Henrik Runnemalm, Vice president Global Research Center, GKN Areospace Sweden​.

The vision of the self-compensating factory –Smart Assembly

Kristina WärmefjordAssociate professor​ and Assistant Director, Wingquist Laboratory

Research group Automation, led by Professor Bengt Lennartson

Math based algorithms and software tools for efficient virtual product realization

Research group Geometry and Motion Planning, led by Dr. Johan S. Carlson, also Director for Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre fro Industrial Mathematics. 

Minimizing the effect of geometrical variation​

Research group ​Geometry Assurance & Robust Design, led by Professor Rikard Söderberg.
Research group ​Systems Engineering Design, led by Professor Ola Isaksson
Julia Madrid talks about the PhD student perspective. She recently defended her PhD thesis in Product Development. 

Optimizing quality and throughput by Smart Assembly 4.0

A film presenting the large research project, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research


Scientific excellence combined with industrial benefits

The complete story of how it all started. Rikard Söderberg guides us through the reasons why Wingquist Laboratory started and how it became a important center with impressive results. The article includes many tips and the method the centre use in co-operation with industry. 

Förenar vetenskaplig excellens med industriell nytta​ (article in Swedish)

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DigiTalkPod episode with Rikard Söderberg​The Digital Twin for Geometrical Variations Management 4.0 


Almost 800 publications has been published over the years. And most recently, one article became the most-read in record time​. You can find them all here in an pdf (no links, but titles).


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