Annual seminar 2016

​Every year, since 2001, the Wingquist Laboratory arrange a seminar where industry and academia meet and exchange knowledge within the Digital Product Realization area.  The 2016 focussed on digitization and new challenges.

Agenda 2016​

Date: December 1

08.30–09.00    Registration and Coffee 

09.00–09.05    Welcome 
Rikard Söderberg, Director Wingquist Laboratory

09.05–10.05    The Digital Revolution 
Bo Dahlbom, Professor of Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg and Research Director at Sustainable Innovation.​
Digital technology is changing society and industry, but how big is the change and how fast will it come? Rapid technical development, Internet of Things, big data, new companies and new business models -- we can look forward to a world with robots, self-driving cars, drones, and an industry 4.0 for which software only becomes more important. How do we best meet all the digitial challenges facing us, how do we make the most of the new technologies? 

10.05–10.30    Coffee 

10.30–11.15    From Opportunity to Reality  an outlook from Volvo Group 
Thomas Lezama, Director Manufacturing Research & Advanced Engineering at Volvo Group Trucks Operations 

11.15–12.00    Systems Engineering & PLM 
Professor Hans Johannesson and his research team present new PLM approaches with methods and tools to describe and efficiently reuse product and production platform information. 

12.00–13.00    Lunch 

13.00–13.45    Automation 
Professor Bengt Lennartson and his research team present research news on optimization, virtual development and control of production systems.​​

13.45–14.30    Virtual Geometry Assurance 
Professor Rikard Söderberg and his research team present research results within the area of geometry assurance, robust design & variation simulation.

14.30–15.00    Coffee

15.00–15.45    Geometry and Motion Planning 
Dr. Johan Carlson and his research team present new methods and tools for automatic geometry and motion planning for rigid bodies and industrial robots. 

15.45–16.15    Smart Assembly 4.0 
This new project has as purpose to realize the idea of the autonomous, self-optimizing robotized assembly factory. Professor Rikard Söderberg explains the idea behind the sensing, thinking and acting strategy.


Professor Rikard Söderberg, Director Wingquist Laboratory​


Keynote speakers

Bo Dahlbom

Bo Dahlbom
is Professor in Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg and Research Director at Sustainable Innovation, a national center for energy efficiency in Stockholm. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and a longtime advisor to the Swedish government on IT policy, most recently as a member of the Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grid.

Thomas Lezama 

Thomas Lezama is Director, Manufacturing Research & Advanced Engineering at Volvo Group Trucks Operations. As one of Wingquist Laboratory board members, he contributes with important input for the research questions within the centre. He will talk about future challenges for AB Volvo Group.

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