Conferences we attend

If you want to meet up with us to discuss our research - a scientific conference is a splendid opportunity.
​These are some of the scientific conferences we usually visit. Meet up with us there!

  • ASME IDETC - International Design Engineering Technical Conference
  • ASME IMECE - International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition
  • CIRP CAT - Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing
  • CIRP CATS - Conference on Assembly Technologies and Systems
  • CIRP CMS - Conference on Manufacturing Systems
  • CIRP Design Conference
  • ICED - International Conference on Engineering Design
  • IEEE - International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  • IEEE CASE - International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering
  • IEEE ETFA - International Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation
  • IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
  • International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management 

​This list is just a selection. We are always looking for the most suitable conference for dissemination of our scientific results.

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Sep 2017.