Work with us

Do you want to be part of bringing tomorrow’s quantum technology to life? We are continuously looking for motivated postdocs and graduate students. Please inquire with our principal investigators if you don’t find anything in the list of vacancies below.  

WACQT is committed to promoting career development, diversity and gender equality through networking and supporting activities​

As a PhD student within WACQT, you will be part of the Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technologies. The graduate school includes courses held at the different universities participating in WACQT, a biennial summer school, possibilities to interact with international experts from academia and industry, and opportunities to build a strong professional network.

From time to time we also have open positions for more senior researchers.

Chalmers University of Technology:

Wallenberg postdoc position: Qubit decoherence from ionizing radiation
Wallenberg postdoc position: Reducing stray radiation and thermalizing superconducting qubits
Wallenberg postdoc position: Artificial atoms coupling to acoustic vacuum​
PhD student in compilation of quantum algorithms to quantum hardware​

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