Quantum computing and simulation

This part of the excellence programme is integrated with the core project and will mainly be located at Chalmers. Doctoral students, postdocs, assistant professors and visiting researchers will support the development of the core project’s quantum computer by investigating specific issues, related both to the design of the hardware, the implementation of error correction and how best to program and use the quantum computer.

The quantum simulator sub-area is closely related to quantum computers. A quantum simulator is essentially a simpler type of quantum computer which has been specifically designed to solve a certain type of problem. In the course of the project, the researchers will also build a quantum simulator. Using the quantum simulator, they expect to be able to demonstrate what is known as quantum supremacy, which means solving a problem that is beyond the reach of a traditional computer.

The quantum computer and quantum simulation sub-areas are being managed from Chalmers by Professor Per Delsing, Associate Professor Jonas Bylander, Professor Göran Johansson and Professor Göran Wendin.

Published: Thu 13 Sep 2018.