Quantum communication

Quantum communications involves the secure transmission of encrypted data. It is completely intercept-proof, but currently limited to a distance of around 100 kilometres due to the lack of amplifiers for quantum signals, known as quantum repeaters. In order to guarantee the security of the next generation of communications systems, a global quantum network needs to be developed, which can rapidly and securely transmit data between many different points.

One of the aims of this project is to develop a quantum repeater that can amplify and transmit quantum information. Another goal is to find good photon sources to generate the individual photons which are the data carriers of quantum communications – they have to be fast, and you need to be able to select both the wavelength and shape of the light pulse. A third challenge is to develop a quantum memory that can store data in a photon for a certain period, and then read off the data.

The quantum communications sub-area is for the most part based at KTH and Stockholm University and is led by Professor Gunnar Björk, KTH.

Published: Thu 13 Sep 2018.