WACQT | Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology aims to develop and secure Swedish expertise in all four areas of this very rapidly expanding area of technology. The research programme therefore includes bot a focus project with the aim of developing a quantum computer and an excellence programme in the four sub-areas. The research programme is managed and mainly located at Chalmers. The other participating universities are KTH, Royal Institute of Technology and Lund University. The programme also has several industrial partners. 

The project has two parts 
  • a core project on quantum computing, with the objective to build a quantum computer based on superconducting circuits
  • an excellence program that addresses all of the four subareas (Quantum computing, Quantum simulation,  Quantum communication and Quantum sensing) of Quantum Technology.

Picture: Specialists with permanent appointments and doctoral students/postdocs are developing a quantum computer in a targeted project at Chalmers.
The four sub-areas of quantum technology are being researched through an academic excellence programme with a significant input from industrial doctoral students to ensure that the knowledge will be rapidly put to use in industry.

Published: Mon 27 Nov 2017.