WACQT Quantum Technology

Open positions

Chalmers University of Technology 

The challenge ahead – help us build a quantum computer!
Quantum Technology Laboratory at​​​​​​​ Chalmers are now seeking to fill up to four PhD student positions in experimental quantum computing.

Do you want to be a part of WACQT as an assistant professor? You will lead and develop experimental research on continuous variable quantum computing, with superconducting quantum circuits and quantum microwaves. You will do this together with other rese​archers within the WACQT project.

Do you want to work as a postdoc in the Chalmers team modelling physical systems on quantum computers? The aim is to develop algorithms for calculating the electronic structure and energy surfaces of molecules of relevance to prebiotic chemistry, beginning with water and hydrogen cyanide, and to run them on the available simulated and physical quantum hardware. The calculations will benchmark quantum computers and provide tests of quantum advantage and quantum superiority.

We are seeking to fill several postdoctoral and research scientists positions at the Quantum Technology Laboratory. We are also interested in experienced research engineers.


Published: Mon 05 Feb 2018. Modified: Mon 03 Dec 2018