Industrial Webinar Series

The main goal of our Industrial Webinar Series is to reach to our WACQT PhD students and raise their awareness and knowledge of the WACQT industrial landscape and visions. The activity is organized under the umbrella of our Graduate School, but we believe it will be beneficial and interesting also for the WACQT community at large. The Series is therefore open to all WACQT members (postdocs, researchers, PIs).


Past webinars

4th of December, 14.00
​​Thierry Hours, VP Volvo Group CTO office and David Fitzek, industrial PhD student
Title: Volvo Group technology insights and Quantum technologies focus
Abstract: Quantum Technologies make their first steps from academic laboratories to actual industrial applications and with this new and exciting field numerous opportunities arise in different businesses.
With this promise it is natural for industry leaders to investigate the impact of quantum technologies to their core business. The Volvo Group might benefit from some of these developments in the short or long term and in this talk Thierry Hours, VP Volvo Group CTO office and David Fitzek, industrial PhD student, will give an introduction to the technologies and products that the Volvo Group is developing and a brief outline of how quantum technologies could potentially be utilised for some of the challenging problems the automative industry is facing today.

20th November, 14.00
​​Rouven Floeter and Luca Haab, Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Title: Quantum-safe Communications for the Future of Power Grids​

Abstract: Digitalization is essential for electrical systems, connecting assets to networks and providing visibility and control through high-speed communications. With the growth of smart grids and renewable energy, information technology underpins all parts of power delivery from generation to distribution. However, while increased automation and integrated systems enhance data analysis and real-time control, they can leave the grid open to cyberattacks. Long-term and Quantum-safe encrypted high-speed communication for real-time applications without compromising timing and availability is therefore an essential requirement. The webinar will address various use cases of mission critical markets for Quantum-safe encryption and in particular how quantum technologies can be leveraged now to secure the power grid for the long term future.

6th of November, 14.00
Dr. Peter Sutton, Director for Software Development, Jeppesen Sweden
Title: Flying by Numbers​

Abstract: What does it take to run a large commercial airline? In this talk I will introduce you to Jeppesen and take you behind the scenes to show you how crew and aircraft are really planned. 
What are the challenges and what’s really important when millions of dollars are at stake? Why does optimization matter and what benefits might quantum computing bring?
Along the way we’ll meet some very big numbers and a few famous names from maths and aviation.​

23rd of October
Dr. Petter Bedoire, CTO Saab
Title: Quantum Technology in the Defence and Security area
​Abstract: With the recent progress within the Quantum Technology area, new exciting opportunities may arise in several businesses – so also in the Defence and Security business. Enabling precise navigation, quantum encrypted communication and extreme low power detection of stealth targets, Quantum technology has the potential of becoming a game changer. In this talk Dr. Petter Bedoire, CTO at Saab AB gives an introduction to Saab and highlights how Quantum Technology may influence and change the Defence and Security business.

2nd of October
Dr. Anders Broo,  Director and Head of Data Science and Modeling, Pharmaceutical Sciences at AstraZeneca
Title: "Quantum Chemistry on quantum computers an AstraZeneca"

Abstract: Chemistry in the core of drug discovery and development in the Pharma industry. One big challenge is how to synthesize the active molecule in the most efficient way. Chemical reactions can be made very efficient if we optimize reaction conditions and have control over all possible side reactions. For each reaction we need to explore a large number of factors to find the best reaction path. We like to be able to explore all possible reaction paths virtually before we go out in the lab and perform the reaction. However, due to the complexity we can not evaluate all possibilities in a reasonable time. Here is where quantum computers potentially could provide a paradigm shift. We like to be able to perform highly accurate quantum chemistry calculation on reaction barriers for all possible combinations of conditions. I will outline the challenge and discuss how far away we are to be able to do use full calculations on a quantum computer.

11th of September
Dr. Azimeh Sefidcon,  Research Director at Ericsson
Title: "Merge of Quantum Technology and Telecommunication Technology"

Abstract: With the promise of Quantum technology, it is natural that all different domains start reflecting on the impact of quantum technology on their field, so is the case for experts and business leaders in telecom industry. While the effect of quantum technology could lead to super interesting and mind entertaining innovation, it also can fundamentally change the build up of a network and its capabilities. In this talk Dr. Azimeh Sefidcon, Research Director at Ericsson will give an introduction to the technologies being developed by Ericsson and further describe some of the fundamental areas of exploration for meeting point of quantum technologies in telecommunication domain. 


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