Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technologies

The objective of the Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technologies is to foster the next generation of Swedish quantum researchers and quantum engineers. Over the duration of WACQT, the graduate school will fund 60 PhD studentships, of which at least 20 are industry PhD students.

The Graduate School has a number of compulsory courses that run in two-year cycles. Each course consists of theoretical as well as hand-on components, and are based on several sessions of lectures and workshops at the different participating universities. This will ensure a common language among the students, multi-disciplinary skills, and a strong sense of belonging to the community of Swedish quantum technology researchers and engineers.

Additionally, the faculty funded by the programme will develop several specialised courses that are elective for all students of the Graduate School.

Opportunities for students to present their work, interact with international experts from academia and industry, and form a professional network include:
  • internships of at least three months at a research facility different than the home institution
  • a biennial international summer school, in collaboration with the Guest researcher programme
  • a biennial winter conference, with industry and government participation
Furthermore, we aim to provide a majority of our students with a mentor and a co-advisor from the industry stakeholders.

In the same vein, the postdocs recruited to WACQT have the opportunity to follow the relevant graduate school courses and are encouraged to participate in the summer schools and winter conferences. In addition, we ensure that each postdoc has a least one dedicated mentor, in addition to the main supervisor.

To learn more about the Swedish Graduate School in Quantum Technologies, please contact
Professor Göran Johansson, director of studies
Phone: +46 31 772 3237​

Published: Wed 11 Mar 2020.