Copenhagen (Unsplash)

Copenhagen field trip

On 2-3 March 2023, we are planning for a lunch to lunch visit to Copenhagen, to learn more about the Danish Quantum Technology efforts and to make contacts with our Danish colleagues. 
Potential visits and meetings are with groups at the Niels Bohr institute (Center for Quantum Devices, Quantum Optics and Photonics), the NovoNordisk foundation quantum initiative, the Nato Quantum Technology Center and more.

Details about transportation and housing will follow, but we already now ask the WACQT PhD-students to save the dates.

*** We consider the trip mandatory for all WACQT PhD students, the reason being that we don’t have too many opportunities to meet.

Also, anyone else in WACQT is, given that there is enough space, welcome to join.

We’ll open the registration around 1st of December.

Page manager Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022.