WWACQT (Women in WACQT) Café 2019

We are going to start a series of WWACQT Cafés! 
There will be 3 cafés in autumn, in Lund, Stockholm and Göteborg respectively. 
Of course, feel free to join the Café next to you only, or the three of them. Each Café is intended to be an occasion to meet, discuss, and network. Free discussions are encouraged, but for each Café there will also be a specific "theme", on which we can brainstorm, to come up with new ideas to be implemented in WWACQT, to help us shaping future WWACQT activities around your wishes. 

The program for the Cafés is the following:

WWACQT Café Lund, September 25th, 17h 00, Lund University (Professorgatan 1, Atomic Physics Division House A, A312): Outreach
How can we encourage young students to chose scientific studies in university? Do you know initiatives for outreach in your city? Do you have an idea of outreach and you don't know how to implement it? The network is there for this! 
WWACQT Café Stockholm, November 21th, (time and place will be announced soon) Networking: the creation of a database of female scientists
WWACQT Café Göteborg, December 3rd, 16h 30 at Chalmers: Mentorship
What kind of mentor would you like to have? More at the scientific level, or at an everyday-life level...? From industry, from academy...? Would you like to be a mentor yourself?

Published: Fri 08 Nov 2019.