WACQT PhD student presentations

Welcome to our series of WACQT PhD student presentations.
Get an update on the research going on within WACQT.
Take the opportunity to discuss and interact with PhD-students, postdocs and senior researchers.

The zoom link will be presented here.
Join the presentations online from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android​

​09:00 ​​Marina Kudra
​09:15 ​Anna Olofsson
​09:30 ​Safi Rafie-Zinedine
​10:00 ​Alvaro Alarcón
​10:15 ​Emil Håkansson
​10:30 ​Oliver Hahn
​11:00 ​Alessandro Prencipe
​11:15 ​Robert Jonsson
​11:30 ​Marika Svensson
​11:45 ​​Chris Warren
Category Seminar
Location: Online
Starts: 03 March, 2021, 09:00
Ends: 03 March, 2021, 12:00

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