Scientific Advisory Board

In the still largely unexplored realms of quantum technology, there are many complex issues and crucial decisions to be made, for example when building a quantum computer. In such situations, we expect to get extremely competent advice from the quantum experts in our Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by renowned Professor Steve Girvin from Yale University who also holds an honorary doctorate from Chalmers.

Steve Girvin (Chair)
Yale University, New Haven CT, USA
Quantum computing, superconducting circuits, theory

​Erika Andersson
Herriot Watt, Edinburgh, UK
Quantum communication, theory

Harry Buhrman

QuSoft, Amsterdam, Netherlands​

Quantum software

Gerd Leuchs
University Erlangen, Germany
Quantum optics, quantum sensing

Will Oliver
MIT, Cambridge MA, USA
Quantum computing, superconducting circuits, exp.

Joerg Wrachtrup
Univërsity of Stuttgart
Quantum sensing

Stefan Filipp
IBM Zurich
Quantum computing, superconducting circuits, exp.

Eleni Diamanti
CNRS, Sorbonne University
Quantum information networks


Page manager Published: Fri 26 Mar 2021.