A technology revolution – the second quantum revolution – is under way, with quantum computers, intercept-proof communications and hyper-sensitive measuring methods in sight.

The research programme Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology is a decadelong SEK 1 billion investment programme that aims to take Swedish research and industry to the forefront of this technology revolution.
Quantum technology is based on the ability to control and manipulate individual quantum systems such as individual atoms and photons. Quantum technology is usually split into four sub-areas: quantum communications, quantum sensors, quantum computers and quantum simulators.
You can read more at What is Quantum Technology.

Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology, which is largely funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, aims to develop and secure Swedish expertise in all four areas of this very rapidly expanding area of technology. The research programme therefore includes both a focus project with the aim of developing a quantum computer and an excellence programme in the four sub-areas. ​​
The research programme is managed and mainly located at Chalmers. The other participating universities are KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Lund University. The programme also has several industrial partners.

Published: Mon 27 Nov 2017. Modified: Fri 28 Sep 2018