Vision and strategy

Our vision is to build an open and interactive Swedish Quantum Technology community – an environment where creativity and knowledge exchange is stimulated via various platforms and meeting places. There are some main instruments in place to create this environment:
  • A graduate school, where all academic and industrial PhD students will be offered common courses in quantum technology
  • A postdoc program
  • A guest researcher program​, where experts (both from academia and industry) can be invited for shorter or longer period to interact with WACQT researchers and students
Industrial partnership
Alongside the academic research, another important goal is to spread knowledge about quantum technology out into industry, thus identifying business opportunities based on quantum technology. The main instrument for industrial collaboration is industrial PhD students that will work on projects that represent sectors in which quantum technology can result in competitive advantages. During 2018, a group of seven companies have entered into such partnership with WACQT.

Published: Fri 25 Jan 2019.