Mass transport and structure

Mass transport and structure in soft biomaterials and the understanding of the intrinsic coupling between them is a challenging research area. The complexity of soft biomaterials makes this research a very demanding task with experimental as well as theoretical approaches highly integrated. The goal of the research program is set high: predictability with respect to designing materials with specific mass transport profiles. To achieve this our four research modules interact in a unique way. The Diffusion & flow module focuses on experimental characterization of mass transport on various length and time-scales. The Material structure module focuses on static and dynamic microstructure characterization at several length scales. In the Mathematical & computer modelling module we model both microstructures and
mass transport. The Material design module constructs materials with structures varying from nano to micrometers
with the goal to achieve synergies in mass transport properties.

Together the four models aim towards an innovative way of working that will result in both scientific excellence and innovations.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Mar 2015.