Doctoral thesis

SuMo Biomaterials centre has since the start in year 2007 generated excellent research based on long term needs of the partners. The work of SuMo researchers have generated a significant output of publications, such as research articles and doctoral theses spanning several scientific disciplines (mathematics, chemistry and physics).

The doctoral theses are available here on SuMo web page in PDF format through Chalmers publication Library by the below links.


Module 1 - Diffusion and flow

Mass Transport Through Polymer Films: The Importance of Interfaces and Compatibility
Sofie Gårdebjer

Microstructure and liquid mass transport control in nanocomposite materials 
Christoffer Abrahamsson

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods to Study Soft Matter Dynamics and Microstructure 
Diana Bernin

Structural design and properties of hydrogel biomaterials 
Mikael Larsson

Structure Dynamics and Heterogeneity in Soft Materials Determined by FRAP 
Joel Hagman


Module 2 - Material structure

Bacteria-responsive materials for drug delivery
Marina Craig

Dissolution and Release Behavior of Swellable Matrix Tablets: Influence of the solubility and dissolution rate enhancement of model substance
Farhad Tajarobi

Material Properties of Starch and Cereal Protein Films and Foams
Thomas Gillgren 

Phase Separation and Gelation of Biopolymers in Confined Geometries
Sofia Wassén

Structure control by phase separation and influence on mass transport in films for controlled release
Helene Andersson


Module 3 - Mathematical and computer modelling

Designing Self-Assembling Structures of Particles and Cells
Oskar Lindgren

Heterogeneous Materials - Diffusion, Laplace Spectrum, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Matias Nordin

Statistical methods in single particle fluorescence microscopy
Magnus Röding


Module 4 - Material design

Development of Novel In Situ Microscopy Techniques for the Study of Water Interaction with Soft Materials
Anna Jansson

Extensional rheometry through hyperbolic contraction
Magda Nyström

Investigating cellulose structure using solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Alexander Idström

Investigation of the functionality related characteristics of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose for the release from matrix tablets
Anna Viridén

Multi-scale characterisation of pasta - Effects of raw materials on water absorption, water distribution, and microstructure
Thomas Steglich



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