The management team consists of the Centre Director (CD), Vice Director from SP Food and Bioscience, scientists from different disciplines at Chalmers representing the four modules of the Centre, Centre Coordinator and Administrators. It is the responsibility of the management team to: build and maintain the open and innovative culture of SuMo; to initiate new projects and support the project leaders in pursuing projects; to develop and monitor the implementation progress; to maintain contacts with researchers internationally and nationally; to organise SuMo meetings and the yearly SuMo Centre Days.  

Name    Position Organisation
Anette Larsson ​Professor ​Chalmers
Anna Bergstrand ​Project Manager ​Chalmers
Anna Ström Researcher Chalmers
Charlotte Altin ​Financial Officer ​Chalmers
Niklas Lorén ​Researcher
SP Food and Bioscience /Chalmers
Co-opted to the management group
​Frida Andersson ​Administrator/ Web responsible ​Chalmers
Romain Bordes ​Researcher ​Chalmers


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