Student theses and reports 2015 -

​Licentiate theses:

Lindstrand Levin, R. (2016) Strongly Coupled Performance Prediction for Sailing Yachts Based on CFD, Licentiate thesis, Dept Shipping and Marine Technology, Chalmers
Persson, A. (2019) Dynamic Effects on Yacht Sails and Rudders. Licentiate Thesis, Dept Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Chalmers

MSc theses:

Konstantinos K.; Pluto, A. (2015) A CFD Investigation of SailingYacht Forebodies in Head Seas, MSc thesis X-15/333, Chalmers

Pennanen, M. (2016) Optimal Sailor Position on an Olympic Dinghy, MSc thesis X-16/367, Chalmers

Persson, A. (2016) Numerical Modelling of Steady and Unsteady Sail Aerodynamics, MSc thesis, Chalmers

Magnander, G. (2017)   Aerodynamic analysis of the new bi-radial MkII sail for the Olympic Laser Class dinghy, Ongoing MSc Thesis, Chalmers

Janmark, C. (2017) Downwind CVPP Analysis of a Laser Class Dinghy, Msc Thesis 2017:03, Dept Mechanics and Maritime Studies, Chalmers

Myklebust, V. (2017) Model Testing and CFD Investigations of Sailing Yacht Forebodies in Head Waves, MSc Thesis X-17/380, Chalmers

Ekström, D.; Forkman, M. (2017) Optimization of the Internal Structure and Shape of the 470 Dinghy Centerboard, MSc Thesis X-17/378, Chalmers

Jacobs, E.; Sahlberg, R. (2018) A Numerical Investigation of Basic Sail Aerodynamics, MSc Thesis 2018:75, Chalmers

Andersson, R.; Granli, S. (2018) Free-Surface Effects on Horizontal Hydrofoils, MSc Thesis 2018:87, Chalmers

Prabahar, N.S.S. & Ilangovan, V.R. (2019) Design of efficient active hydrofoils with control surfaces for a light keelboat. MSc Thesis 2019:05, M2, Chalmers

Brito, M. (2019) Design of Stable Passive Hydrofoils for a Light Keelboat. MSc Thesis 2019:45, M2, Chalmers

BSc thesis:

Andersson, A.;  Barreng, A.; Bohnsack, E. ;Lundin, L;. Sahlberg, R.; Werner, E. (2016) The Flying Optimist (in Swedish), BSc thesis SJOX-02-16-03, Chalmers

Bergentz, A.; Olander, G.; Brask, O.; Thörneby, K.; Falkendal, S.; Wester, F. (2018) Byggsats till foilande Optimist (in Swedish), BSc thesis MMSX20-18-03, Chalmers

Dackhammar, P., Emanuelsson, P., Eriksson, O., Hansson, E. & Lindberg, L. (2018) En flygande kappseglingsjolle - Utveckling av bärplan till Formula Sailing. Kandidatarbete, M2, Chalmers

Boman, A. (2020) Design of a flight-control system for foiling dinghies with a T-wing and individual flaps. Kandidatarbete, M2, Chalmers

Project reports:

Blomstrand, E.; Johansson, D.; Karlsson, N.; Oddy, C.; Olofsson, N.; Steen, P. (2016) The Flying Chalmers Optimist - Structural Design of Foiling Components and Necessary Reinforcements. Project Report, Dept Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
Formula sailing team (2017) High Performance Skiff. Marine Design Project Report. Dept Shipping and Marine Technology, Chalmers
Formula sailing team (2020) The design and implementation of hydrofoils for the sailing skiff Linnea. Tracks report, M2, Chalmers

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