Student theses and reports 2015 -

Licentiate theses:

[L1] Lindstrand Levin, R. (2016) Strongly Coupled Performance Prediction for Sailing Yachts Based on CFD, Licentiate thesis, Dept Shipping and Marine Technology, Chalmers

[L2] Persson, A. (2019) Dynamic Effects on Yacht Sails and Rudders. Licentiate Thesis, Dept Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Chalmers

MSc theses:

[M1] Konstantinos K.; Pluto, A. (2015) A CFD Investigation of SailingYacht Forebodies in Head Seas, MSc thesis X-15/333, Chalmers

[M2] Pennanen, M. (2016) Optimal Sailor Position on an Olympic Dinghy, MSc thesis X-16/367, Chalmers

[M3] Persson, A. (2016) Numerical Modelling of Steady and Unsteady Sail Aerodynamics, MSc thesis, Naval Archtecture and Ocean Engineering, M4

[M4] Janmark, C. (2017) Downwind CVPP Analysis of a Laser Class Dinghy, Msc Thesis 2017:03, Dept Mechanics and Maritime Studies, Chalmers

[M5] Myklebust, V. (2017) Model Testing and CFD Investigations of Sailing Yacht Forebodies in Head Waves, MSc Thesis X-17/380, Chalmers

[M6] Ekström, D.; Forkman, M. (2017) Optimization of the Internal Structure and Shape of the 470 Dinghy Centerboard, MSc Thesis X-17/378, Chalmers

[M7] Jacobs, E.; Sahlberg, R. (2018) A Numerical Investigation of Basic Sail Aerodynamics, MSc Thesis 2018:75, Chalmers

[M8] Andersson, R.; Granli, S. (2018) Free-Surface Effects on Horizontal Hydrofoils, MSc Thesis 2018:87, Chalmers

[M9] Prabahar, N.S.S. & Ilangovan, V.R. (2019) Design of efficient active hydrofoils with control surfaces for a light keelboat. MSc Thesis 2019:05, M2, Chalmers

[M10] Brito, M. (2019) Design of Stable Passive Hydrofoils for a Light Keelboat. MSc Thesis 2019:45, M2, Chalmers

[M11] Ebbesson, F. M.; Farousi, A.M. (2021) Fluid Structure Interaction of hydrofoils for the NACRA 17 Olympic class”, MSc thesis in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Chalmers

[M12] van Hoorn, P. (2021) High-Performance Sailing Aerodynamics An investigation of the International Moth Class, MSc Thesis in Automotive Engineering, Chalmers

[M13] Lidstrom, D. (2021) Agent Based Match Racing Simulations - A Game Theoretic Approach to Match Racing Starts in Sailing, Master’s thesis in Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, Chalmers

[M14] Magnander, G. (2022) Aerodynamic Analysis of the Bi-Radial MKII Sail for the Olympic Sailing Class Dinghy Laser Standard, MSc thesis 2022:X-22/396, Chalmers

BSc theses:

[B1] Andersson, A.;  Barreng, A.; Bohnsack, E. ;Lundin, L;. Sahlberg, R.; Werner, E. (2016) The Flying Optimist (in Swedish), BSc thesis SJOX-02-16-03, Chalmers

[B2] Bergentz, A.; Olander, G.; Brask, O.; Thörneby, K.; Falkendal, S.; Wester, F. (2018) Byggsats till foilande Optimist (in Swedish), BSc thesis MMSX20-18-03, Chalmers

[B3] Dackhammar, P., Emanuelsson, P., Eriksson, O., Hansson, E. & Lindberg, L. (2018) En flygande kappseglingsjolle - Utveckling av bärplan till Formula Sailing. BSc Thesis, M2, Chalmers

[B4] Boman, A. (2020) Design of a flight-control system for foiling dinghies with a T-wing and individual flaps. BSc Thesis, M2, Chalmers

Project reports:

[R1] Blomstrand, E.; Johansson, D.; Karlsson, N.; Oddy, C.; Olofsson, N.; Steen, P. (2016) The Flying Chalmers Optimist - Structural Design of Foiling Components and Necessary Reinforcements. Project Report, Dept Applied Mechanics, Chalmers

[R2] Formula sailing team (2017) High Performance Skiff. Marine Design Project Report. Dept Shipping and Marine Technology, Chalmers

[R3] Formula sailing team (2020) The design and implementation of hydrofoils for the sailing skiff Linnea. Tracks report, M2, Chalmers

[R5] Vintache, A. (2021) Towards a Sailing Performance Improvement System Via Image Analysis, Internship report, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris Saclay

[R6] Germe, Q. (2021) High Performance Sailing : Fluid Structure Interaction of Hydrofoils”, Engineering research project Erasmus +, Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees Lyon 

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