Development of sailing techniques

There are nine projects related to dinghy sailing, with special emphasis on the Olympic Laser.

Projects 3.1 and 3.2. concern the optimum position of the sailor longitudinally and transversely at different wind speeds. Varying these positions the trim and heel of the dinghy will be varied. This in turn changes the hydrodynamics of the hull and appendages, as well as the sail forces. For each wind speed there is an optimum position. Project 3.1 was started in an MSc thesis by Pennanen (2017) and is further reported in Pennanen et al (2016). For this upwind case a standard VPP with empirical sail coefficients was developed. Downwind sailing (project 3.2) was studied in the MSc project by Janmark (2017) using the improved CVPP. See also Project 1.1! To obtain input data for the downwind sail forces, Magnander carried out wind tunnel tests of the sail. See also 1.8! This work is not yet completed.

Projects 3.3 and 3.4. These correspond to 3.1 and 3.2 resp., but for wavy conditions. CVPP will be used, and the projects will be carried out after the implementation of the waves (Project 1.3). Downwind surfing will be an important effect.

Projects 3.5 and 3.6. After obtaining the best static sailor position in waves (Projects 3.3 and 3.4) the optimal motion of the sailor when sailing in waves will be computed using CVPP. This can only be done after finishing Project 1.4

Project 3.7. There is not enough data available in the literature for a thorough validation of the CVPP. Since it has been used mainly for the Laser sailing tests will be carried out with this boat at varying wind speeds and directions to determine the speed, leeway, heel, trim and rudder angle. This data will then be used for validating CVPP.

Project 3.8. The best trim angle of the Olympic 49er dinghy has been investigated in a towing tank at SSPA and there will be a follow up with CFD computations. No reports so far.

Project 3.9. Forced, rapid changes of the angle of attack of the sails are used more and more frequently in dinghy sailing. This has a considerable effect on the speed and will be investigated in this project, to optimise the action. Note that this can only be carried out after the conclusion of the Project 1.6.


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