Equestrian sports

Equestrian sports involve two athletes – the rider and the horse – but only one of these can tell us how they feel. Chalmers works on behalf of horses’ welfare by developing materials, measuring instruments and measuring methods that do not cause horses stress or pain.

Horses easily become stressed by unfamiliar situations and pain. When, for various reasons, it is necessary to examine a horse it is therefore a major advantage when traditional equestrian equipment, with which the horse is familiar, can be used for taking measurements. This can, for example, be achieved by integrating smart textiles in horse-cloths, girths and bandages.

Chalmers’ expertise in a number of technologies is now being used within a field traditionally dominated by biological and veterinary research. The accumulated demand for technical development is high, as can be seen by the major interest our initiative has awoken among breeders, riders, blacksmiths, veterinary surgeons, stable owners and trade and industry.

We work in many different areas, among other things to simplify the teamwork between rider and horse, find and heal injuries, improve equestrian surfaces, customise equipment and find solutions for the efficient usage of manure in biogas production.

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Our research in equestrian sports is made in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg


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